I’m standing as a candidate for the seat of Albany in the 2021 State Election because I believe in the system,  a government who governs for the people.  I want to be a peoples representative, I know I have the passion, the energy and the strong moral compass that I believe is essential to fulfil this role. So when I was offered the opportunity of standing as a candidate I didn’t hesitate to accept.

I have concerns over the way Australia is heading, we as a nation are losing our democratic rights and I feel its time for a change of direction.  It’s time the people of Albany had a representative who will fight for what is their right as a major hub in the great southern.  

The Albany electorate is absolutely stunning.  It deserves a representative that will advocate passionately for the area to get a fair share and help the community thrive and not just survive. It’s 2020 and I feel the people and small businesses of Albany need a fair share to create the kind of environment Albany deserves.  

I was bought up by a strong mother, we where taught if you didn’t like something help create positive change not sit back and complain. So I raise my hand and ask the people of Albany to vote for me and we will work together to create a STRONGER, UNIFIED community