I want to be very clear on my stance in regards to medical treatments – I am pro-choice. I believe everyone has the right to body autonomy free from coercion, blackmail and bullying.
When I see the WA Health Minister threatening people with fines if they do not have the experimental Covid vaccine I am reminded of our human rights around informed consent. Perhaps Mr Cook does not understand this concept. I have written an email to the Ministers office asking him to “Please explain” this threat.
The manufacturer of the Covid vaccine produced by Astrazeneca has been granted immunity from liability by our federal government. We need to know if anyone has side effects who will be liable, the state government? Your employer? Who? The medical practitioner who is violating their oath to informed consent? Who?
All of the manufacturers are participating in “post marketing surveillance” where they gather data after the administration of the vaccine because it was rushed to market with several companies skipping animal trials in the initial safety studies.
Let me be very clear – this vaccine should you choose to have it should be your free choice, if you choose not to participate in what is an experimental medical procedure should be your free choice to decline. Free from any fines, loosing jobs or any lost education opportunities.
The Labor government are threatening your rights to informed consent. Any other political parties who support the notion of coercion should be ashamed.
Our body, our choice. No government owns an individual and I hope WA people choose their votes very carefully in our upcoming state election. A vote for One Nation is a vote for common sense, informed consent and democracy.

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