I’m passionate about living in a safe community and I believe every single person has the right to feel safe, everywhere and anywhere. 

I like my One Nation members of Parliament, HON Colin Tincknell MLC – south-west region and HON Robyn Smith MLC – Mining and Pastoral will continue to advocate for an increase in police officers and support staff.   For 4 years they have been calling on an increase of 1000 police, so I think for 2021 we need to call on an increase of at least 1200 police with a focus on regional stations that are doing it tough with a lack of manpower. Policing isn’t just about catching criminals its about creating a positive safe community.  I would like to see more social services available in police stations. 

We are continuing to see crime related to drugs and in particular Meth, I will advocate for an increase in the availability of drug rehabilitation facilities and support for those who want to be rehabilitated.  

I believe it is time to create a mandatory jail term for repeat sex offenders. 

In terms of Juvenile Justice – I will advocate strongly for the introduction of boot camp-style facilities ran by indigenous elders and ADF combined with social services.   We need to try other forms of juvenile justice; it costs $600 per day to keep a juvenile offender incarcerated – let’s use that funding to try a different style of justice for juvenile offenders.

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