Hi!! I’m Michelle Kinsella your candidate for the seat of Albany in the 2021 WA state election

I was born in WA and I’ve spent nearly all my life in this wonderful state.  I grew up in the Pilbara and like most teenagers left to come to Perth city for education and employment opportunities. The same opportunities I wish to see extended into the regions. 

I’ve worked hard as a daughter, student, wife, business owner, mother and in community services.  I would consider myself passionate, brave and a moderate with a strong moral compass.  

I really enjoy helping people, connecting organizations and assisting people to live a full life. For 6 years I lived in Indonesia working on community projects and assisting charity groups. This was a really diverse time in life and I absolutely loved it. I helped children get access to medical care, provided support for Jail rehabilitation programmes and refugee detention centers. I worked on restructuring International School Boards and helped expand schools for local children.

I have had the most amazing opportunities and have always made the most of what comes my way.

I had no desire to enter politics but after I returned to WA in 2017 I was shocked at what was happening in our beautiful state. I felt we had shifted off center and society was so divided. The Democracy I grew up with was no longer in fact Australia was reclassified a “narrow democracy” in 2019.

2019 was a year like no other, I participated as a senate candidate for the federal election and later in the year attended a conference in Canberra where the following day I met Senator Malcolm Roberts. This would prove to be a pivotal moment in my life. I was encouraged to join One Nation WA and get involved which I did. I was offered the Candidacy for Albany by the President and Leader of the WA party and was officially endorsed June 2020.

Since than I have been working hard in the community, conducting public consultation, assisting community groups, lobbying members of Parliament for information, attending council meetings and lots of door knocking.

My key areas of interest are

  • Education 
  • Environment
  • Small business 
  • Aged care 
  • Health care – both primary and secondary 
  • Tourism 
  • Agriculture 
  • Community unity 
  • Crime and justice

Together with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation WA team we have created some brilliant policies to benefit all Western Australians. Alongside these policies we have a list of Party Initiatives.

I am really looking forward to campaigning right up until the end of polling day on the 13 March 2021.